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The nerfs for the mesmer have gone a step too far. The portal cooldown I can live with, the phantasm LOS I can live with as long as they refund the cooldown (i.e, not phantasm, no cooldown) but the damage nerf to berserkers is way over the top. My berserker now does less than half of the pre-patch damage and that’s only if it makes an appearance. A wet fish could do more.

When every class has the ability to crit upwards of 5k (lets not talk about heartseeker, daggerstorm or hundred blades), why do ANET feel the need to screw over mesmers more than any other class? I run a glass cannon build, which now is a glass pee-shooter.

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Illusionary Berserker has not received a direct damage decrease. Instead, is seems that the damage reduction you (and I) are seeing is most likely associated this fix:
“Fixed a bug that caused many piercing, boomerang, and bouncing projectiles (those that hit more than 1 target) to continually increase in damage the more targets they hit.”
We are aware that this particular phantasm is now experiencing a significant drop in damage and are looking at getting it back to a more effective state.
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