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Regional Flagiberserker doing significantly less damage.Source
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I have noticed that the damage on my iberserker seems to do about 50% less damage. I’m hitting the dummies and the difference between all the hits is roughly ~2k(now) and over 4k before the patch.

Intentional or bug?

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I’ll re-post what was posted in the other thread:
Illusionary Berserker has not received a direct damage decrease. Instead, is seems that the damage reduction you (and I) are seeing is most likely associated this fix:
“Fixed a bug that caused many piercing, boomerang, and bouncing projectiles (those that hit more than 1 target) to continually increase in damage the more targets they hit.”
We are aware that this particular phantasm is now experiencing a significant drop in damage and are looking at getting it back to a more effective state.