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all right, after finally getting my account back for the whole “false banning” issue that happened, i now find that my account has been blocked for the duration of the weekend, for “innapropriate language” however, not once did i direct any comments to any players, try to discriminate people, or try to harass someone, or use any form of hate speach, nor was i trying to embarass, cause any distress or threaten someone. the duration in which any “foul language” may have been found, was when i was having a laugh with a couple of friends,

other then that, i believe that i was not breaching any of the rules of conduct or user agreement, and also, there is a language filter that is applied, which any player can willingly turn on at any time, to censor out any somewhat inappropriate language in the first place, to avoid this situation.

ticket #121117-000133

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Your comments about the word filter lead me to believe you were in breach of the Code of Conduct, despite your protestations.

You’ve filed a support ticket. That’s the right thing to do in this situation. Bringing it to the forums, where the member do not have all the facts, isn’t appropriate. Please await your discussion with a support agent.