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Thanks to support so far, as now I am no longer permanently banned and may post in the forum.

I was playing just before the Lost Coast world event started, and was in Lion’s Arch. The video triggered and the event started, so I went with everyone else over to where the Karaka things were spawning to fight them. Well the latency was horrific naturally, and skills were taking anywhere from between 5-30 seconds to activate.

In the midst of the chaos, and wildly spamming keys in the vain hope it was actually doing something, I was kicked from the server. No big deal I thought, server crash or typical kick because too many people are on. I attempted to log back in, and was informed that my account was banned due to botting/automation/macroing. Huh?

I’m guessing that the server’s automated software decided that my wild key spamming during the event was some kind of third party automation. I posted my problem to support 2.5 hours ago under Banned/Account problems. It now reads as a hacked account and I am incurring a 71 hour suspension for being hacked.

So now I shall miss the Lost Cost event for… participating in the Lost Coast event…

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We do not give suspensions to victims of an account hacking. That would be incredibly unfair. Something else happened here and it was most likely not in relation to latency.

Please await a response from the Support Team.