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I do not understand, blocked account obviously botting, reply to my e-mail has become today: “Violation Appeal: RMT ..”
You can also determine not down?
My understanding that Anet suspected that I’m using bot on the game.
But in the fact that I’m not using any sort of bot or anything that will violate the game system.It would be great for Anet to look into my passed input sending from my computer.Anet will really find out that I’m a legit player instead of using bot.
I have no idea on the real reason behind my removal of account.
For your extra information, I didn’t purchase any gold or using bot.
Kindly run a thorough investigation on my account. I’m sending this email is with one and only reason, I love the game.
Last added:
I purchased from a blocked account for only 5 days,
The last moment
I also purchased: “Ghastly Grinning Shield Skin”.
Do you think botting can do such a thing?
So, I really do not have to use these illegal bootting violation of the law to do, and ask you to check my account.

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The Support Team will review and reply to your ticket.

But yes, those involved in RMT purchase items, so that is no indication of innocence. In fact, they farm gold to acquire items to sell for real-world money.

I am, of course, sorry if your account was terminated for something you did not do and I am confident the team will review the case with professionalism and discretion.