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When i hit lvl 80 and finished the story and the world completion i was getting worried. I thought: “Aw man i payed so much for GW2 and now its gonna collect dust on my hard drive…” Then the Halloween event came and i was very exited and spent all my free time playing GW2, but i was still worried because halloween isn’t gonna last for ever. And then you announced The Lost Shores!!! I was supper hyped about the ascendant gear and the new supper dupper HOLY kitten OMg dundgen Fractals of the Mists. With this GW2 finally got the endgame (in my opinion) and thanks to FoM and ascendant gear i see my self spending loots of time in Tyria, having fun ofc… That you Arena Net for showing me that GW2 was the best investment for a long time Thank guys!!!!

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You are all welcome