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After months of disappointment the Lost Shores is my last bastion of hope for this game. So far very disappointed. I know many people seem ecstatic about Fractals I just don’t really find them that amazing in fact I have found so far at the early stages they can be knocked out pretty easy (hence the love I guess)

With all the false promises (including undelivered features which includes their horrible website compared to other MMORPGs), the broken play mechanics the sever balance problems the unaddressed speed hacks, etc…

I’m considering stating my issues on camera and then destroying my collectors edition on camera and then sharing on youtube.

ArenaNet I think you have failed us. You didn’t deliver what you promised. Your game is still broken. I’m angry. I’m very, very angry. Your encouragement of multi-guild membership followed by your lock-down of transfers (without guesting) has really destroyed my in-game experience.

Why won’t you admit your game is a broken mess? See, then there’s that.

Have lost most of my respect. That’s all.

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Hello Sam TheGuardian,
Thanks for your comments and feedback.