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When I look at these updates, I love the amount of content that arena.net gives us for free. Not just that, but the contents are great in general. I really like the way the development on this game is going forward.

Although, the updates are generally positive, there are always a few quirks that need to be fixed here and there. That’s normal. Although the quirks are small related to all the positives that we get, the should be addressed. This post is on the way these quirks are addressed on these forums and this is my rant:

The way many complaints are made on this forum is completely childish and immature. Many players complain on these quirks like nothing good was introduced at all. The behavior I’ve seen looks like a 5 year old child trying to get something from their parents. Something like: “If I don’t get a cookie later than I won’t eat my lunch”. It might work for a 5 year old if his parents are overprotective and dumb to fall for that. But arena.net is not your parents. Threatening to leave and saying how horrible the updates were is not the proper way to help this game go in a positive direction.

Stop being 5 year old spoiled brats! If you want to improve this game, please change your attitude. kitten #8230;

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Hello everybody,
thanks for your comments and feedback. However, to prevent this thread from being only about attacks and nothing constructive, it will be locked.