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Honestly….the dredge one…on PATH 1..the boss that heals himself..who can only eb damaged by the fire buckets? The collosus who surounds u with aoe while u have to wait for the hammer to work right? The swamp one that blocks ur path with trees just as u are about to drop a wisp in?

Yeh kittenin great and rewarding design

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Hello Mitch,

I am sorry you are having trouble overcoming some of the encounters within the Fractals. Allow me to give you some pointers that might help you overcome your obstacles.

The Dredge Suit Boss, while being a bit beefy is not ‘immune’ to damage when he is not Superheated. He just takes normal damage during that time. The superheated buff lasts for quite a good amount of time, and allows for ample time to move him to the next bucket.. To achieve this easier.. have your team stay in the 180 degree arc you wish to go in. The bombs he throws can be reflects as well. If you have the ability to do such within your class.

As far as the Colossus, I assume you mean Cliffside, which the chest seal gave a team I was running with quite some difficult as well. So we developed a strategy.. We allowed 2 people to be the hammer switchers, and we clumped up to the left of the seal just outside of fire burn reach.. We would kill the heretics and then the hammer weilder would charge in, smack 4, then run back to the group and drop the hammer.. then the next guy would grab the hammer and do it again.. Then switching back and forth as stacks dropped for those two.. With the others running cover.. Talking with your group is the step to overcoming these encounters…

As for the Swamp issue as really the only thing I can tell you there would be to use a speed boost and jump often.

I hope these tips will help you in your travels.

Good Luck