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Some things I thought I’d share…

The same people complaining about Ascended stuff are asking people if they have exotics for a PUG lvl 1 of Fractals. lol….really?

ANet should rename Bags of Gold to Bags of Silver. That’s just trolling.

The fractals are awesome. I was a dolphin.

The rez thing is a bit obnoxious, also we got no heads up about the fact that should we return to repair it starts our 3 fractal count over…we were on our last one. /sadface

The scavenger hunt bugs and lag are a bummer. Halloween went really well. What was different about this?

Thanks for cool new stuff, Anet. Bought Gems for the first time to support you because I see the kittentorm brewing. No one can predict the future, one tier of gear != new gear every few months, and a lot of people love the additions and are having fun.

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Hello bamono,
thank you very much for your comments and feedback.