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Developers, do not be swayed by the Fan-Boyz that are telling you that FOM is a great addition to the game, and that there is nothing wrong with it.

FOM is a cancer that could spread throughout GW2 until every aspect of the original GW2 game design is corrupted and destroyed.

The folks that came to GW2 did NOT come to GW2 to play ‘World of Warcraft’ style Heroics and Raids.

Fan-Boyz killed ‘Star Wars The Old Republic’ by giving the developers a false sense of security in their decisions. SWTOR has lost 90% of its players.

Listen to the player base that is NOT happy with what you have done. Look at your original design concepts and see how far off the mark you are. Take FOM off line and restore GW2 to it’s original design.

You listen to the Fan-Boyz at your own peril.

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Hello everyone.

Innocente, thank you very much for your feedback. To the rest of you, thanks for your contributions.

However, the nature of the thread and the titled used will attract negative and off-topic posting and therefore, we will proceed to close it.

Thanks for your understanding.