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Regional FlagIn my opinion, Fractals of the Mist is a complete fail.Source
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I just spent a couple of hours working with people on these dungeons threw pure PuGing (Pick Up Groups). Half the people that join, lie about having full exotic gear, don’t follow orders, suck at puzzles even after explaining to them what needs to be done, or just sit there and act dumb.

I agree this is a pure PvE dungeon and its impressive but this is not PuGable and after trying 2 months forming my own guild for such dungeons like this. I wasn’t able to make guild nor find a decent guild dedicated to this cause.

An absolute fail and boring patch for the next 2 months. GG Arenanet.

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Hello everyone.

Just a quick reminder to all of you: discussions/feedback remain always constructive and meaningful for the community as long as the exchanges are kept civil and on topic. Please, bear this in mind or otherwise the thread will be closed. Thanks!!