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Regional Flagelixir nerf has no one noticedSource
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Pre patch ,I was able to stack my swiftness to around 1 min . Now im lucky to get 24 seconds seriously lucky . With elixirs b h and toss b , i was able to stack boons randomly to some effect. Butl now it seems all boon durations have been nerfed even when traited for boon duration. Nerf (patch)stated" •Potent Elixirs: This skill no longer grants improper boon durations." what they meant to say is sorry your being nerfed we dont like you . seriously this killed my pistol elixir build made it unplayable.
Any one else feel the same????

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Hello everyone.

As there is already a prior and bigger thread about this issue, the one indicated by Spacemayu, we proceed to close this one and encourage you to keep on discussing this issue there.