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I know some other classes got nerfed as well, like the thiefs but nerfing the engineer class was not needed. If anything we needed a boost and fix some things that dont even work.

Flamethrower comes to mind. Anyhow since ive made other characters and found that the engineer is the only real one i enjoy playing, im going to shelv this game for now.

I saved some extra cash and wanted to sink it into the shop here at GW2 over the holidays to help my engy out and make things fun , but at this point it just isnt worth it.

I even tried to go back and play my necro since he got a small boost and man was it a crappy boost. Sadly Arenanet has let me down and from what ive seen, alot of other players as well.

What i find so stupid is nerfing instead of fixing traits that dont work and classes that are either not played hardly at all or abilities that dont even get used because of failed design.

You should have worked on those things then proceed with toning some things down afterwards but you swing the nerf bat wide ALOT. Then again alot of these MO companys keep going to extremes on nerfs and just dont get the MMO players ideas AT ALL.

I’m really sick and tierd of dumb designers that are so blind to simple fixes and adjustments that i really dont think im going to invest in another MMO for a long time.

Im in the beta for Planetside 2 and having a fairly good time so far since its free to play but as for a deep story line and game world like some MMO’s try to be, i dont see anything upcoming thats worth it really.

You are just making the players frustrated and all you are going to wind up with are hardcore fanbois and a player base that doesnt recover.

Anyhow my thoughts are that you are headed down the same crap nerf road as other failed MMO’s and the engy nerf was un-needed and a bad choice. This games going to my dust shelf for awhile.

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Hello Scaramanga.

Thanks for your feedback and opinion, which will be passed on to the team. We do have some ongoing threads in this subforum that already discuss the question of nerfing so we encourage you to visit them.

We will proceed to close the thread now.
Thanks for your understanding.