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For the hardcore the reset is good and it also helps ensure that all levels of the dungeon have people looking to play it.

My concern if for the casual/semi-hardcore. With only about 2-3 hrs per day to play and it taking 1 hour ish to do a set of 3 fractals, I won’t have the time to do much elsewhere in the game.

When you consider that people drop from the group and ruin the progress it gets really annoying to run pug groups when the time needed to progress is so tight. I would like to run the other dungeons and be able to farm on the map as well with out having to be so focused on one aspect of the game.

This will make PUGing harder as people will mainly run with their guild so that they can maximize their time. If the reset was longer I would not care so much if people dropped the group 2 sets in on the fractal. Now if they do that I feel the time crunch and get pretty frustrated. On top of that the the disconnect problem only makes the problem bigger.

Please make the reset 2 weeks starting off then reconsider after that. I understand that you are trying to balance the rewards and limit what the hardcore can accomplish but it will limit the casual player way more.

With a 2 week reset I will be able to get to a 5+ fractal level (and not feel bad repeating lower levels), run other dungeons, and farm without feeling like I am getting punished for not playing 3-5 hours per day.

I feel really bad for the people who can only play an hour or so a day and have DC problems and people dropping from the group. If they have no guild or a small guild they will see very little progress in a week and will probably skip them all together.

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There is no weekly reset of your progress. Your progress will remain saved on your character.