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Dear Everyone,

I hear it in videos on youtube, I read it in the news paper… Guild Wars 2 has a great community…

However in every community you have the rotten apples. Why do I always meet them everywhere I go?

I consider myself a decent person and a avarage gamer meaning I am nice (when people are nice to me to) and I got a few skills I guess…
Still the mean ppl who play GW2 know to find me and tear the blood from under my nails. Already have I had to report several people for herassment. Already have my feelings been hurt several times. I have been scolded at with several names going from noob to ‘ur a ****ing idiot’ or worse…

and for what? I will tell you… one of many examples…

Ascalonian Catacombs – Looking for more members… ONLY level 80… wtf?
Knowing this dungeon is for people arround lvl 35 and being my curious self, I asked some of these people why they asked for lvl 80 payers only…
Reason nr1: Level 80 players are better players. (I laughed)
Reason nr2: Lvl 80 players have more skills unlocked (I can understand this argument)
Reason nr3: Lvl 80 players have more skills unlocked and are therefor better players. (I laughed again)

Seriously… I really do not know what to say to this. Is this happening only on my server or what LOL… I can honestly say that some runs with lvl 35 players went A LOT better then when I was with some lvl 80 players. Ofcourse being lvl 80 with most skills unlocked and max gear makes it a lot easier, it doesn’t mean that someone at a lower lvl can’t be as good. When I tried to discuss it ingame with a few people, some reacted with: w/e A few said; maybe you are right. Some didn’t say anyting back anymore and some told me to **** off.

Another example…

Citadel of Flame – Dungeon Path (I forgot atm) ‘The path with the 4 Acolytes at the end wich you have to kill (preferably at the same time) to then be able to damage a huge (boss) rock…’ lol

While one members is distracting the charr boss, the others and I try to find our way to the acolytes that we have to kill. 4 acolytes, 4 people, one for each person … simple right?
I am the first one to reach one of the acolytes in the back… We start killing them tho I then suddenly notice that one of my teammates runs also to my place… leaving one acolyte without a person to kill it and messing up the spawning time… I get the blame for this… why ? I do not know… Looking back at it, I think they thought I got there second instead of my other teammate…?!
I run to the last acolyte and kill it so we can all damage the big rock… My team mates freak out when their acolytes spawn again and mine has not yet appeared (since I had to kill it later then the rest) Totally freaking out, saying I am afk, a slacker, a noob blabla Saying I have to kill my acolyte (wich still didnt spawn…) When I finally killed it, I get blamed that I should have waited for the other 3 to spawn again… (in the meantime the big rock thing could already have been destroyed but okay…)
I try to explain them again… They only freak out more when I try to tell them to relax and that it’s all not such a big deal if one acolyte is killed later… The rock thing drops fast in HP and it’s not really that difficult to destroy it…blabla They freak out even more what ended up in to me getting kicked from the team…

Some people are insane…. Seriously people… Have you forgotten that it is iportant to have fun? Instead of calling people names who are ‘less’ in ur eyes? Because that is NOT fun… That is just a sad thing to do. Why could they not have explained what they wanted to achieve in a friendly matter… Because they are the rotten apples of GW2… Unfortunatly, every game has them.

Do any of you ever have these kind of issues? Share your story with me, get it of your chest as I did and let’s make Anet aware of these things happening ingame.

I warned my team mates that I would report them and they laughed in my face saying Anet only deletes those reports anyway. So I reported them anyway…
A week banned from the game would be a nice thing for them! Unfortunatly I do not have such awesome powers and will never know what happend to my herassers.

Dear Anet… I hope you take your reports seriously. A few insults I can take, but if more and more come, the game just will not be fun for me anymore.
I found a nice guild and I am seeing some of that great community you speak of… but I ask you not to cut back on things as herasment reports eventho you guys must be increadably bussy with this awesome game. – Thank you!

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Hello everybody,
please stay on topic, otherwise this thread will be locked.

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Don’t forget to write a ticket if you experience insults, rude behaviour and verbal abuse via name calling in the game, to support a friendly community.

Thank you.