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Today as I wanted to login, my password got rejected both in the launcher and on subsequent attempts on the website. I already feared the worst – account stolen and emptied – and hurried for a password reset.

When I was back in the game, everything was back to normal. My characters, my gold, my bank, my items, everything was there. So it was definitely not hacked.

I keep quite tight security and use long, complex and unique passwords, and have never had my account stolen or hacked on any game so far, so that would have come as a big surprise anyway.

By the way, I also did not receive any authentication email which would have happened had someone from somewhere else tried to log into my account. So in that regard everything is perfectly fine.

What else could have been the cause?

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I would suggest that this may have been a case of simple human error. I mean, we all have a lot of different passwords to remember, and I’ve actually reset a password only to realize “Doh, I was typing in the wrong one the whole time!”

If everything is just as it should be on your account, and if you did not receive an authentication email, it’s probably safe to consider this was simply an input error. I’m glad you changed the password; it certainly cannot hurt!