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Regional Flag3 Day Suspension for the word "POOPOO" :(Source
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I already submitted a ticket with no response yet. Just wanted to vent a little…

I was in Lion’s Arch waiting for Lost Shores to begin when my screen suddenly went black and I received a message that I was suspended for 71 hours for an unacceptable username. My Charr’s name is/was Poopoo Kitty, (its what I call my cat and I think it’s cute, not meant to be offensive.)

I just have to say, that I think this is crazy and unfair! I have to miss the entire Lost Shores event because of the word “poopoo” ? How can this word be offensive in a game where you can actually pick up poop and throw it? A game where you can drink alcohol? A game where the NPC’s say “ kitten #8221; (I don’t think kitten is bad but its a heck of a lot worse than POOPOO!) And of course, we are killing stuff constantly but POOPOO is unacceptable and offensive? Poopoo isn’t even offensive to two years olds!

Yeah, so that’s it. And before you make any assumptions, I am very kind and helpful while playing and have never said or done anything bad. Just poopoo. :*(

Anyone else think making me miss Lost Shores and a 3 day ban for the word poopoo is silly?

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Our Naming Policy is pretty clear about the use of crude bodily functions for names. To be honest, I highly doubt you were given a three-day suspension for the word “poopoo.” In every case I’ve come across where someone claimed something similar, they were posting us the least offensive name, where others on the account far exceeded the policies.

I know this because I did the “outings” on Reddit, and for everyone who claimed “Ah shucks, all I said was ‘dang’ and I got blocked,” I found they said repeated, extremely offensive things in other comments. And the same applies to names.

If the name is only mildly offensive, we generally block the name — which flags it for user remaining — and we remove any suspension. I’m checking with the team for the details, but as someone pointed out the display name isn’t great, either, so I won’t be surprised to learn we’re not hearing all there is to know about the character name situation.