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Do you think its fine that a company like Anet dont have ANY recovery system for hacked account. Ive lost like 60 gold, all weapons, all collectibles, all gems, all armors, all weapons. Simply everything ive gathered from day one with 5 characters.
More than two Months completely thrown away for what? I was away for ONE day and my account was hacked. and the only thing Anet support can tell me is that I should look for Karma vendors and get cheap things to get started again since they cant help me in anyway. very funny indeed. Do you think I want to start all over again from useless karma vendors after 4 exotics sets and all the rest? even WoW Unofficial Free servers have a character recovery system….for many reasons not just totally jacked account. At least using bank or hero panel screenshots you really should help people recover their lost stuff……Im just saying this because its not fair at all that we can occur in such things and you would simply do nothing for your customers. you should be amazingly sorry and try to help people who experience this kind of issue, simply because its the worst thing it can ever happen to you playing a MMORPG.

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The fast is, the feature that will us to restore an account — that is, roll the entire account back to a state immediately prior to its compromise — is still in development, but progress has been made and I believe this feature will be offered soon.

This will not be a "retroactive* feature. That is, if you were compromised today, last week, or two months ago, we will not be able to offer an account restoration. The feature will be great, though, for future issues and we’re looking forward to being able to offer this service!