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My spouse had his account hijacked. He followed all the instructions to regain control of his account and cooperated fully with your company providing all required/requested data for confirmation of ownership.

He received an email today advising him that the account would be permanently closed. Congratulations. You have now lost two customers. Permanently.

I would offer suggestions regarding the proper treatment of your clientele but the brush off that my husband and others have received has convinced me that your organization has a mission statement that does not include or value customer satisfaction. Good luck with retention and growth. I don’t see much of it in your future if you continue with the poor service you are currently providing.

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There are occasional issues with account disputes. When that happens, two individuals are able to provide sufficient “proof of ownership” that we cannot accurately and conclusively ascertain who the real owner is. This usually happens with accounts bought from a third party, like a used account on eBay, an account acquired from a friend, etc.

The other case may be where the code was fraudulently acquired from someone who then resold to the buyer (in this case, perhaps your husband) and the first buyer resells the code to other people as well. That cannot happen when someone buys from us directly, or when they buy a boxed product, but it can happen, again, from third-party sellers.

I am not saying that either of these situations applies to your husband’s case, Gunnlod, but it is very much in our interests to keep every valid player in our game, and closure for “account dispute” is very rare.