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Whenever I log-in when I’m at a friend, I’m required to authenticate the log-in. Now that’s not a big problem, but since the e-mail I use for GW2 is my dad’s I can’t check it myself. That is a problem I’ve created myself, so I thought let’s just change my e-mail, but wherever I look, after I’d activated my e-mail, I can’t find any “change email” related stuff. I’d like to also receive those mails on my own e-mail too.

So here’s the real question:
How can I change my e-mail, now that I’ve activated (and confirmed) it?

Thanks in advance,

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I think the account may have been created with your father’s information. That is not a problem; we have provisions that allow parents to create an account for their son or daughter.

Please have whomever has access to the credentials — presumably your father — submit a support ticket and the team will see what they can do to assist.