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Quote from Gaile Gray (ArenaNet Support Liaison):

“Your friend was not blocked because he was reported. He was blocked because the evidence pointed to him being involved in botting. I assure you, even a dozen reports will not get someone’s account terminated — each report is reviewed before action is taken on an account.”

Taken from post: Friend Banned for Botting

So according to your statement you rely on a “BOT” (as in their computer detection system to find bots) to ban players for BOTTING, clearly this is proof that your system as of current is FLAWED. How can you put so much faith into a system which only partially monitors a player’s activity i.e. farming events, npcs or ore? For example, a player farms trolls for about an hour, now that player pulls the Champion (which takes longer to kill) and kites them – because you system tries to distinguish a player from a bot and permanently bans them for “acting like a bot”. This is ONLY PARTIAL EVIDENCE that an player MAY be a bot. That’s like a police officer arresting an innocent bystander on the basis that they walked past a murder and stumbled onto some blood which ended up on their shoes – where’s the logic in that? Why isn’t any other activity checked on said accounts? Like in-game chats, party activity etc etc.

The system needs to give a warning system to a player that may be showing signs of “botting” – e.g. an email, in game mail, tell a player to move out the area or tell them to log – that should be sufficient enough. At the moment it’s ‘shoot first ask questions later’. That is just bad programming, of course you may not have enough people to attend to issues with botting but relying on your system to do all your work has clearly failed. How many other players (which seems like a lot) have been falsely banned according to your system bot’s data gathering?

Yet, your reporting system is in vain, basically what you are telling us that you’re relying on the program before your players; the players who support your game. You should have your system bot review the report system, instead of throwing down the ‘ban hammer.’ Players are now forced into paying for another account based on false accusations.

We will even test your system right now and have my other brother farm trolls for an hour or two for a week or two – while streaming it – and if he gets banned then obviously your system is flawed. Your system needs to be fixed and you will loose a lot of players based on your reliance on your system. If you can’t take criticism for you game and system then you game which forever be flawed.

We enjoy your game, we even defended your game but with issues like these it ruins it for players.

note: this player has been farming items (ore, blood etc) and karma over the past few months so that he can get his legendary weapon. I know this because this player is my brother, in case anyone cares >_>

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I was perfectly clear. Please do not develop arguments based on “details” that you choose to add to my fact-based post.

Every block is reviewed by a human being. Period.

Just as every appeal will be reviewed by a human being. This forum is not the place to discuss an issue of this sort. The Support Team will review the facts and will assist those who were erroneously actioned. The number involved is a very small percentage of those who are blocked, but we are committed to a human review of each appeal.

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Now, should a significant level of reports be filed for exactly the same reasons by a diverse number of players then it would raise further questions. I would therefore reserve any knee-jerk reaction your feel toward the company until there is clearer evidence on the matter to justify such a response.

I’d like to kindly refer you to this topic https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/account/Blocked-Suspended-Terminated-Player-Comments/page/48 . The amount of reports made regarding this issue and the amount of people getting unbanned after being accused of botting speaks for itself. There’s a flaw in the system which is only causing ArenaNet to have more work and a bad name. >_<

No. When thousands are getting blocked in a week, a few dozen is not an alarming number. Yes, every false positive is bad, and we are unhappy with having anyone blocked who was not, in fact, involved in botting. However, you need to look at the numbers in context and realize that there isn’t a “flood of issues” but simply people posting, sometimes many times, on the topic of their termination.

Often, those who post have a legitimate point and they will be reinstated. Sometimes, they are botters who are hoping that appealing here and filing a massive number of appeals (I saw one botter send 9) will somehow earn their reinstatement. And often, they post many times for the same account, which may make the numbers look larger than they are.

Again, we’re not happy with any false positives. I will be talking to the team about this tomorrow, when everyone is in the office, but I remain pretty convinced as of this hour (Sunday night) that there isn’t a huge issue with the blocks, but only (and regrettably) the individual issues that will arise in dealing with issues like botting, which do involve many thousands of people every day.