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I just posted in a thread that is now gone with out a trace, not locked, gone.

If this is the case that threads are being deleted off the forums with no explanation, please reconsider.
I realize community managers and mods are there to keep the forums civil.

However if it is true that ArenaNet does take player feedback into account, you are doing no one a favor by deleting feedback relating to this current community split.

The players are giving feed back because they care about the game, the Devs need to be able to see that feedback in order to make an informed decision/ or not.
Merging threads into insensibly is not the answer either.
Thank you.
edit: if it was a case of the OP deleting the tread- move on nothing to see here. And my apologies

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Please keep in mind that if we delete threads from our forums, it’s due to a rule breaking, we invite you to read again our code of conduct and check what is allowed or not on the GW2 forums. All threads/posts that are against those rules can be removed and/or infracted.

Also, if you think that a moderation action is inappropriate, you can always send a mail to [email protected] or send us a PM, it will be our pleasure to answer as long as what you write is constructive and polite.