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I’m frustrated with the “flat conversion” rates because the Euro rate is ~30% more expensive than the USD rate. The conversions in the store don’t take currency rates into consideration. 10 USD is NOT 10 Euros, 1 USD is equal to (currently) 0.78 Euros.

This means that Euro-users are paying the equivalent of 13 USD instead of 10 USD for 800 gems.

This means I’m paying 130% of what someone using an address that grants USD rates pays. A 30% mark-up is quite a lot if you ask me, because with the same value of money, for every three transactions the Euro-users make, a USD-user can make 4 transactions.

I’ve seen this in previous games, and it’s very annoying. In League of Legends the conversion rates use currency conversions so I don’t see why that can’t be implemented in GW2?

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