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I’ve been playing GW2 since the 2nd beta during this time, I’ve kept my thoughts to myself but after the Lost Shore event I too I’m saying goodbye for a while to GW2 as many other people. I’ve been following this game for 2 or 3 years now and In the pre-beta and beta days I was quite anxious to get my hands on it since due to the hype it looked like the most awesome game ever, as I played I couldn’t get enough of it but after playing it for a while and participating in the Halloween and Lost Shore events + getting past the hype…. I finally realized tonight that the game was rushed out alongside the LS content.

The Reasons:

- lack of fun things to do at endgame like Keg brawl, halloween PVP/labyrinth game mode and Mad King dungeon or the final beta events like The Hunger Games

- the complete lack of a preview option to view items from TP…seriously even after 3 months it’s still not implemented yet :|

- lack of gear variety that truly looks epic, the Citadel of Flame gear comes close, most of them fall short in the looks department, thus the popularity of this set -> gear with effects like the ones from legendaries or other things like that… It would be cool if a Thief would have an armor that would give him an ink effect like the Eternity legendary or shadowstep or a cloud effect like the necro’s deathshroud when stealthed. My main was a thief and during all my lvling I’ve seen like 20 medium armor sets/10 dagger skins, including the leatherworker/weaponsmith ones, that’s not enough variety at all! in other games u see this by the time you are level 40-50 but not till endgame

- since unlocking my elite skill, I have been using the same weapon skills and by now it got extremely boring doing/viewing the same actions over and over again, I need variety in my skills, not doing the same weapon rotation combo -> creating an alt isn’t an option, it’s basically going through the same content again which basically translates into grinding and the different personal story isn’t worth doing.

- lack of clear information regarding things like legendaries/exotic weapons, show us a video of all of them so we can see and know they exist, give us a purpose and for gods sake add more of them and make them more affordable (1 million karma + 200 skill points + 80 clovers…really ANET ? really) since now when I’m playing I have to make decisions, I either keep the daggers that have the same model like the ones from lvl 1 and try my best to go for a legendary(which is ugly but the fire steps are nice) or buy an eldtritch scroll (50 skill points x 2 = 100 skill points for 2 daggers) and use the forge to create Corrupted Shard which basically makes me say goodbye to the legendary due to involving too much grind to get back the 100 skill points

- complete lag & bug fest during events like The Lost Shore…the 3 days were hans down boring, my guildies and other people were talking during todays event how boring it is to do the same things over and over and over again for 3 hours… u have the tech to implement things like turrets, catapults,etc why not apply your WvW strategy to PVE events like assign a group as medics to revive people, a group to pull mobs in a direction, use mesmers portals to get hunters at higher grounds so they will have a vantage point as well also get commanders at higher grounds so they could coordinate the battle, think Braveheart Anet

- the NEW gem store stuff looks absolutely terrible… nobody likes them and there’s a lack of items like weapons/gear skins

- what’s the reason of collecting pets? implement a pokemon battle system and be done with it.

- dungeon rewards aren’t motivating enough

- lack of a looking for group feature which halted me from doing dungeons especially on story mode

- lack of Black Lion Keys… I have over 30 chests in my bank, if you want to get our money don’t force us to buy keys, just add cool skins and we will happily spend money

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Hello everyone,

farewell posts/ threads are not allowed on the Guild Wars 2 forums.
Threads like this one lead to one sided opinions and complaints, which offers no opportunity for a constructive and productive discussion.
Please refrain from opening such threads, this one has been closed.