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Ok, two things:

1. Can you please tell me why I get a message in game that says ‘Your message was suppressed due to excessive messaging’ ( understand what it is saying but can you tell me why I get that message when all I have done since logging in to do this evenings event is say ‘ty’ to a few people for rezz’s (and not many may I add before you try to say I said ‘ty’ 100 times!).

2. When logging in to Support to register the problem I was given one opportunity to log in and was then given message ‘The username or password you entered is incorrect or your account has been disabled.’ again I understand what it is saying but one opportunity when I may have inadvertently used the wrong log in (bearing in mind I play WoW, GW2, and several other games all requiring different log ins).

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The message you received is simply a warning that you’ve been messaging too frequently. There is no penalty involved, it’s just a way of asking you to slow up on messaging so that you are not marked for fraud.

I do not believe you need to submit a ticket — this is not an issue or an error, this is an example of a system that is working as intended. Now, if you say you messaged 3 or 4 times and you got the warning, then there is an issue and I’d ask you to post that in the Bugs Forum. However, I believe the warning is pretty well balanced now and I don’t think that would be the case.