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Do people think, in general, that these forums (and game forums in general) are so negative because the people who are really enjoying themselves just play and don’t come here to whine?

I mean this seriously.

When I talk about the various topics in guild that are brought up on these boards, the responses are totally different.

Some recent examples:

Ascended armour: forums consensus = bad, a treadmill. Guild consensus = could be good, let’s wait and see, only a “must have” for deep Fractal adventures.

Event: forums consensus = laggy, unfair, skews the economy etc. Guild consensus = one of the best events in online gaming ever.

Fractals: forum consensus = elitist, gated, treadmill etc. Guild consensus = excellent fun, innovative and rewarding.

On my guild forums, negative posters just get ignored or asked to stop being so attention seeking. We can all spot them. They enjoy dragging things down and foreseeing doom.

These forums seem to be riddled with this type of post like a cancer. It’s depressing. I come here to read about the game – people’s thoughts and experiences, some tips and info. But the majority of thread titles are just doom.

According to this forum – the game died 4 weeks after release, no one is playing except for hardcore grinders and treadmill lovers. My experience in game is the total opposite. Players that are casual, like to explore, to “potter”, to craft, to try a bit-of-this, a-bit-of-that are seeing this as the best game in years to cater to their playstyle.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there.

Although, if my theory is true, the following responses will be mainly negative as the forum population will see and answer this, whilst the regular players will miss it because they’re online and having fun

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Hello everyone,

this thread went out of hand with provocations, insults, accusations and the likes.
Also, any player who provides these forums with critique and issue reports is degraded by calling them whiners. For quite some time now, this discussion has been mostly off-topic and offending.

For this reason, this thread has been closed.

Also, please refrain from starting more threads of this kind since there have been numerous thread about “whining” today, mostly in an insulting context.