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First, thank you ANet designers for the Guild Wars series. As a player since six months after GW1 was released, I have enjoyed the play and the new friendships made throught the game.

Second, and the reason for this post…
my daughter held a character name for me on her beta account. I finally received a copy of GW2 as a birthday gift, so she released her hold of the name. However, every time I try to create the character on my account, I receive the message that the name is currently in use by another player. But hold on, it gets better – when I do a name search in-game, I receive the message that the naem is NOT being used by another player, and if I wish I can make a character with said name.

Please, what is going on here? Do I need to wait some amount of time for the name to be fully released? Hopefully, someone has not snatched up the name as soon as my daughter released it for me.

Thank you for looking into this.


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Is this issue resolved? Did you get the name you desired?