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Just wanted to apologize first for my bad english, it is not my first language.

I just bought Guild Wars 2 disc1/2 version, I couldn’t afford the digital one due to having a limited bandwidth: after reaching 20g, I have to pay additional fees for the internet. Everything went good so far until the launcher appeared showing me I’m at 0% download – 80 000 file remaining? When I opened my folder, it says it’s using 14gb of my hard drive, but the launcher tells me I’m at 0% and that I can’t play the game, is that normal? Or is it just some additional download/update? If it is, can anyone tell me what 80 000 (file remaining) stand for? Megabyte? Kilobytes? because 80gigabyte…. just scream return the game to the store.

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Hi Poplolita" – What *Caedmon has reported is correct. In regards to this issue, are you still stuck at 0% or did you manage to complete the installation?