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Hey Arenanet. I’ve got a major nuisance!

I recently upgraded my computer’s graphics card to a more recent one. Specifically, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 (Super-clocked) manufactured by EVGA. The game is graphically upgraded as I can play with mostly everything on high setting and shadows on ultra at that.

The issue is… I’ve been crashing a lot more lately ever since replacing my old graphics card. I’ve been crashing a lot more with the Lost Shores event going on in Lion’s Arch, but that is irrelevant.

I typically crash when pressing the map key and pulling out the map screen. The entire screen would be covered in equal square boxes with a high saturation blue and yellow gradient. Sometimes this occurs when I open the Hero tab. My character would be replaced with the same blue to yellow gradient boxes and soon after, crash. I can’t even get a screenshot, since it crashes too quickly.

Please help! It’s frustrating, but I know you guys can help me fix this! Thanks for the hard work!

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Hi HalcyonBrush – I would recommend a clean installation of the latest video card drivers. We usually have players try Driver Fusion. I would also recommend you update your DirectX. The game client requires the latest DirectX 9 components; this is true even if you have DirectX 10 or higher already installed. Please follow the instructions at Microsoft’s web site to install the newest DirectX 9 update:


Please be sure to save the file to your Windows desktop. Then create a new folder on the desktop and extract the DirectX files into it. Once they have been extracted open the new folder and use the DXsetup file to install DirectX.