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Im in the character select screen and the game crashes and when I try to log back in I get error code 45? Apparently that’s for breach of rules conduct, but I don’t recall doing or saying anything wrong. I’ve only been playing for 3 days, and I pretty much avoid contact with other people except to say thanks for helping me with an event or something. I swore like one time when an event boss killed everyone…is that really enough to get me suspended for 72 hours?

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What is happening in some of these cases — not all, but some — is that the account is purchased and then fails the “fraud rules” and is refunded and closed. This is frustrating, I know, but it’s a part of doing business the stops fraudulent purchases.

There are a lot of interesting “fraud rules” that I didn’t know about until rather recently. And while it may be perfectly legitimate that a person in Canada is using a credit card issued in Guatemala, or that a person with a credit card had a billing address on a different continent, those often point to fraud.

I’m not looking at the individual issues here, I just want to make you aware that if you buy from us and your account is closed because there is some question about it, you’re welcome to contact Support but do be aware that in most if not all cases, we are refunding the purchase price, and it may behoove you to see if that was processed by your credit card company so you have the full picture in front of you.