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I’ve only been playing for less than a week and everytime I log in there is quite a sizeable patch to download, am I re-downloading the same one everyday? Or have they been releasing a lot recently?

I live in a very rural area with max speeds of 256kb/s so these patches are taking forever to download and taking up a lot of my monthly limit, is there any way to turn them off from auto-updating before I can even play?


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I’ll second what the players said above:

  • There have been a lot of updates lately: content, bug fixes, etc.
  • Don’t worry, this is an unusual week — you won’t normally see this.
  • The updates usually download really quickly and they are ever so much better than the “Sit out of the game for 8 hours” of the old days!
  • You need to get the updates to be able to play. Can’t pick and choose, you want to be in the new, sparkly version every time!