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King Toker.8395
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Hello, first off ive checked the minimum system requirements several times and my computer and they meet if not surpass, yet im getting insane lag spikes where im anywhere from 3-5 seconds behind seems i play for 5 minutes to lag for 5 minutes, i contacted my internet provider as well and uped my wifi from 7g to 12 which took effect today yet im still lagging out, ive seen alot about this happening randomly throughout the US servers, could this be a typical issue or a personal issue with software any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi King Toker – If what you are describing is network lag, your system will have no affect on any connectivity issues experienced in game. If you run a traceroute and ping to a Guild Wars 2 ip (can be done by typing in /ip in chat while in game) you should be able to see your ping along with any packet loss found and where this occurs.

Sometimes, a conflicting application can also contribute to lag, though generally this would indicate either there is an issue with your hardware (modem and/or router), the connection service, or your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

You can usually test this by connecting directly to your modem via Ethernet cable or trying to play from a different location such as at a friend or relative’s house.