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I have literally been waiting for over 5 months for a password reset. You cannot understand how pissed I am at the service and support for this game.

I have a master NCSoft account – which is doing me no good what so ever. I suppose one day I will be able to log into that account?

I created a GuildWars 2 account to try out the beta. I was never able to access the site. I am surprised that I can post on these forums since it is unable to create an account for me!!! My user / account is already taken!

So – I guess when I downloaded and registered for GuildWars 2 today it made some overrode my account? I was able to figure out what the system thought my password was by slowly removing letters and making typos.

Funny how the same letter was missed twice in a password I’ve used for years? Now did I do that… I don’t think so. I distinctly remember sighing in relief when it accepted my password – the way I wanted it to be.

Now I can’t change it… every password known to man is apparently on a list or already used by someone else….

I really – really – would like a reply besides “oh I’m sorry..” “you should of done this or that…”

What I really want is compensation for all of the aggravation this has caused me.

Will support actually help me out before the end of the year? Or is this a pipe dream?

PS: You can limit the # of characters allowed in a field on the web these days. For example. If a topic can only be 45 characters – you can make it so the field only accepts 45 characters – PM me if you want to know how!

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What is your ticket number?