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So from Tier 10 to 11 you get a bonus, 25 fractals and an Ascended ring, well 2 of our party got ring, 2 other didn’t get it, a bag of gold instead.

Name: Rurik’s Royal Signet


Now are you telling me it’s random to get the ring instead of a bag of gold or this is a mistake? Anyway we can get it again?

Besides, we needed to 4 man last boss in fractal 10, due Volcano video from start getting stuck our friend.

Info: They got 25 tokens, 1 bag of gold, and this ring. We got the same but without the ring, is suppose to have RNG the bonus? – Same party all of us, just in case check screenshot.

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This is not a bug. This is a random drop from the daily rewards. The vials also have a chance to randomly drop from every creature in the zones.

So as Azelroth suggested.. Loot everything!