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My husband’s account was terminated for assisting in the operations of selling gold or receiving money for items from ingame, I guarantee that he never did such thing. Now, on the other hand, if his account might have been hacked how could he know and get it back? his ticket is 121120-000062 for anyone willing to assist, thank you.

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The ticket is brand new — about an hour old. You are not putting your account at risk by posting here, but there’s no point in doing so. You and your husband need to allow the team to assist him in getting back on his account.

I understand what he has written; I am sure the team will, as well. But there are many people who need help, and it’s simply not possible to answer a ticket in an hour or two.

If by some change this remains an unresolved issue after three full days, please post in the “Tickets for Review — 3 days and older” thread above.

Thank you for understanding.