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Okay guys!!! I have been one if anet’s biggest critics on a number of things. I still have a beef with necro design and balance issues and still freaking hate Lupicus, however, I am freaking loving Fotm!!!!! I went in first time today and got to scale 5. I have already made my ascended back piece from the essence that falls off mobs. The instances are refreshing and I think original. I love the tentacle boss and the whole dolphin thing…. Cool.

Now the jellyfish boss is too easy. 3 manned him today. The Asura boss needs some help too but all in all, very entertaining. I like it. Like it. Like it. You get this one “atta boy” from me on this one anet. Just one.

Now. Tone Lupi down a little for goodness sake!!!!!

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Jelly can get downright nasty once he gets agony. His lower scaling could use some love though!

Glad you are enjoying yourself.