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Quick to the point. Look around at all the classes on the forums on the PVP spectrum of things. Every class is suffering, maybe not an equal amount, but they are suffering. This is not going to turn into a plea for my main as a class, but rather an eye opener for those of you who do not see what actually is happening.
Yes, things in very simple words, are just messed up right now. But if you look at the patches and what they are doing to the classes, Arena Net is actually being smart about the situation. They are taking all the classes down a few notches, and setting back in a sort of “beginning” phase. Do you think that they would just leave them this way? No, they will, slowly, bring them back to life, but in the way they were intended. But it takes ALOT of work, I know from experience. They may be doing things in a way that you do not agree, but they are in fact working on it; They just have not been very vocal about it, as not to confuse the community or stir them up. Do realize that this game is still brand new, and will take time to get to a suitable place that everyone enjoys.
While everyone has their opinions on how certain classes should act, and everyone has different ideas on future PVP implementations, there are some that I am sure we can all agree on.
1. THERE NEEDS (not want) NEEDS, to be a “Duel” option. Everyone likes to be able to have that option, whether or not you accept to duel someone is different. But it is nice to be able to just battle it out at any lvl in any zone, with a buddy, and fight!
2. THERE NEEDS to be 1v1 pvp matches and tournaments, as well as 2v2.
These two should be standard in GW2 and I am not sure why they have not done it yet.
So the idea of this post, is to get you, the players, to comment below, and share your ideas, whether they are positive or negative. We need feedback. But I do ask, that you act not as a dog while posting, but as an intellectual individual who can make an educated statement, not just blurt out what you want to get attention.
Thank you for reading this, and please comment below.


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Great thread guys. Some positive posts in here. It’s always great to see you guys passionately voicing how the game needs to improve.

I think that dueling is a great feature, but I don’t think it’s as important (right now) as ratings or a leaderboard is. With custom arenas, people will be able to duel all day long (1v1, or 2v2, or 3v3), so it seems to me that we need to focus more on rankings and leaderboards.

To that same end, I think that other game modes are something we’ll look at down the road, but for now, I think other features are just more important (like rankings, custom arenas where people can practice in private, leaderboards, spectator mode).

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Dueling is not currently in development. Some of the other things mentioned, however, are.