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I am making this thread to open up some discussion about what I believe to be an issue in regards to the long term success of Guild Wars 2. I find that the community(even other communities now) is increasingly relying on the developer to implement structure or activities with which to compete, or to hold their attention. I believe that this is the wrong way to look at a game that we, the community, enjoy and want to succeed in the long run. Note however, this is not to say that the developer should never implement new things, or improve upon things they have, but for the community to be less reliant, overall, on what Anet does.

To draw a comparison, let’s look at WoW’s early PvP community. (considered by some the best time for PvP in the game)The community was, before the implementation of battlegrounds and areas, largely self supporting. Forums were a place to arrange large battles, settle disputes between guilds, or between people. Tournaments were arranged, 1v1 and even larger groups of people in particular zones would arrange to fight. There were games played on the forums, like tagging certain players to find and kill. The point being, that the community took the initiative.

Now, I understand that Anet has thrown the Esport goal out there. But, I think it’s up to us to push this game forward so that it can achieve it’s full potential. In my opinion, I believe that a game’s community is the main drive behind any online games success. This community can make this game great even if they never put in arenas, or dedicated servers.(which they already stated they would, and will also help the community) Also, things that the community do can help Anet decide what to implement, and when.

Finally, I’ll list some things we can do, as a community, to keep the life pumping until Anet adds more features; even things we can do afterwards.

-Create our own match-ups and duels. Their are empty servers that can be utilized as vehicles for small skirmishes or duels, like 1v1 up to 4v4. (Fighters joining, then extras to prevent disruptive players)

-Recording match ups made.

-Tie WvWvW conflicts into sPvP. Known commanders dueling, or things of that nature.

-Guilds can host events for small-scale GvG activities.

I hope to see some more ideas here in this thread as well.

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Wow, what an amazing thread. Thanks for starting it tOss!

It’s a great idea and one that represents a very different point of view. You guys can do a lot to push the current game, and I applaud you for making an effort.

But at the same time, some of this still falls on myself and other devs. We will continue to listen to your posts about balance. We will continue to push features forward that help you to enjoy the game (like custom arenas, matched tourneys, QP rankings, leaderboards, a way to spectate the game, etc).

I know it sucks that everything isn’t done right away, but just know that we’re still working on the features we’ve mentioned before.

Until you get custom arenas, you can definitely use the current PvP browser to set up 5on5 matches and settle disputes via 1on1 duels. We don’t want to tell you how to enjoy the game, and we commend you for using the current systems as you wait for future features to come online.