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Hello, so as the title says, few days ago I bought 1 karma booster, but none arrived at my mail. I thought that it could be because of the whole event going on so I waited until today and bought another two. They did not arrive as well. Why is that so? Is anyone else experiencing such issues?

For the record, what I did is to convert 2 gold into gems and when I made the purchases, the gems were taken, but no karma boost was avarded. I know that this isn’t much, but what if I bought something else, something more expensive or of larger quantity? I’m already disappointed for disconnecting at the final phase of the event and not getting anywhere near the chest, not to mention the frequent disconnects and crashes since the update, can I at least have that working properly?

Thanks in advance,

Arch Enemy

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Please make sure your mailbox is not full. You will not receive any more items through the mail, including gem store purchases, until it is cleared.