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Regional FlagAccused of Forum infraction: Mistake?Source
Kitty La Boom Boom.4065
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I got a love note from a moderator that a thread I had posted had been moved to the trash can and (paraphrasing) please read the rules before you post, etc.

That would be fine if I had actually authored the OP. However, all I did was respond to the OP with a snarky one-liner that broke no rules at all.

“Cancel Wintersday? I thought you meant ‘Cancel Whinersday’.”

See? No swears, no call-outs; just a mild zing at the OP.

Did I get an infraction? Was it mistakenly given for creating a post that I didn’t create, or was it for responding to a post that was not allowed to begin with?

~Confused Kitteh

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We do try to communicate when we’re acting on a post. That does not mean you’re “penalized” but simply lets you know that something took place. For instance, “Deleted — duplicate post” doesn’t mean you got a disciplinary action, it just tells you that you double posted and one was removed.