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1. got kicked of the ancinet karka event (not a big deal, i can live w/o that chest)

2. (20.11.2012) i get kicked out of the game, it says that my acount is blocked cuz some violation?? i get back into the game and my character’s name (GENDER BENDER) is inapropriate for some unknown reason (WTF) so i had to change the most awesome name i had since the start of the game… what is inapropriate bout that name and will my warrior’s name (BENDER THE OFFENDER) be inapropriate aswell? i rly dont get this so if someone could explain it to me i would rly apreciate it…

P.S.: i want my character’s name back

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Hi there. I have good news and bad news. We’ll uncensor the character names. Keep in mind that sometimes, a person reports a name because the chat used by the character makes it clear they’ve chosen the name as a means to offend. I don’t think that’s the case here, though, so we’re good on those names.

However, we need to change the Display Name. The word “spastic” (no matter the “creative spelling”) is generally considered to be offensive, and because display names are in the game and in the forums, we’re particularly sensitive to the potential offense that they present. (Yes, I’m aware that the word is used casually, like a lot of people use “ kitten #8221; in a casual sense, but both are disallowed because there’s really no good reason to use them.)

Character names: Ok (as long as they are not coupled with offensive behavior or chat)
Display name: Anagramed to “Tap Skis.8240”