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Gail, I hope you will read this entire post, and get it to the priority bug list it should be on.

I, nor any of my guild members, have received the “Power of the Mists” bonuses to crafting, defense, endurance, gathering, healing, health, gold and xp per kill, since the game opened.
Would it be possible to get a refund so that we can buy new accounts that recive these WvW bonuses?
I realize that we have been playing since the Beta without these bonuses, so that means we are just better at playing the game, but the Gold that we have been unable to capitalize on is just astronomical when you look at the bonuses our world has received since the game opened. It really is more and more disheartening the more I think about how much we lose every day. It is even worse to think that we will either have to abandon all the work we put into our guild so far, just to get a game that gives us what others have gotten for the last three months, or suffer until the WvW team gets around to fixing this game wide bug.
My concern is this, only the WvW team has acknowledged the problem, when all players are affected by this bug in PVE. Those bonuses are supposed to affect every player on the world that the WvW team plays for, but not all of their world friends are getting the rewards they work for.
This is really a game broken, it does not work for alot of people. When you open the WvW icon, the items you see there are what you are supposed to recive in the way of bonuses. If you hover the cursor over the WvW icon and see { World Vs World [B] }, you are not actually receiving the benefits that the WvW players are working to get you. I have purposefully not gone to WvW, because I cant get the bonuses. That fact breaks the game right there. The World “team” is broken because the world players are not treated equally,some get, and some do not get the same world to play in.
The WvW team stated in a post that it is one of their priority bugs, and that bothers me.
This is a game breaking bug, and every team should be involved to get it fixed.
I dont think they understand just how game breaking it is.
It involves every PVE player on every world, and the posts to the bug thread are astronomical. it has remained in the top 10 for 83 days, and still nobody other than the WvW team had even acknowledged the bug’s existance.
So, what do you suggest i do Gail?
Play a broken game until you can fix the bug, and just eat the losses from not receiving these advertised game mechanics? (sounds like a class action lawsuit)
Or, should i just start fresh and throw away all the hard work that my Guild has done for three months?

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We’re sorry for this issue, and as far as I can tell, this issue will be fixed in on of the next couple of live builds.

BTW, please don’t threaten lawsuits in the forums. Once that happens, the forum thread is likely to be closed without response, aside from providing you with the contact information for our legal counsel. If you want solutions, avoid that sort of commentary.

Play a broken game until you can fix the bug, and just eat the losses from not receiving these advertised game mechanics? (sounds like a class action lawsuit)

No, it doesn’t sound like a class action lawsuit at all.

Agree completely.

Broken Game would mean it is unplayable. Simply not giving buffs (that are not required to progress in the game) does not make the whole game broken

Exactly correct. We can work together better without excessive hyperbole and inflammatory comments.

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No excessive hyperbole or inflammatory comments intended or made IMHO.

We can agree to disagree, but when a game bug is used to call a game “non operational” and when there is a threat of legal action for a game bug, well, that’s a picture-perfect example of hyperbole.

The point is, it’s a known issue and it will be corrected.