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instead of pure QQ Constructive Replies here only pls,
just put a comment with YOUR things which you dont like about this game
we ALL hate it couse we love this game and care for it and put up hopes to be able to stick with it and now its worse than on the beginning, so here is my list =

- Proffession nervs:
Thiefes on damage in every corner, i agree they should directly reduce burst damage, but what about the dancing dagger for this much initiative is just too much for me to understand,
Mesmers on they Illusions (I dont even play a mesmer but i think this is just wrong),
ALL PROFFESSIONS ON AOE max numbers, seriosly? i really enjoyed in wvw this crazy tactics like porting zergs, or stealth zergs and wait for a pray to show up to get a surprise attac, now those unique mechanics are gone now
You should make proffessions stronger which are in weaker state now, rather then nerfing the good ones!

- changing whole game in the middle:
i just dont like the fact a stabile system is destroyed, at the very beginning everyone of us made some huge effort and research to descide on they final gear, now with ascended everyone will go up for those better stats and you need to keep up again,
you can never be sure if they will change it in some time in some crazy way noone expects
this is so fkt up, really the anet developers must be some bunch of noobs which cant get they game ready in over 5 years to a point of not chaning EVERYTHING drasticly on every week, there is no stability, nothing to rely on

- i dont like they develop new things which are broken, instead of fixing existing things which are broken too:

- fix the kitten whole-pc-crash

- fix the the sound-bang which accures on the highest sound settings when you run into a zerg, whole sound just crashes

- fix the whisper bug, when you push whisper nothing happens at all
fix the guild-actualisation-list-delay when everything need 10 minutes to show up from the history

- fix the dungeon-kicking whole partys when some players leave

- fix the dungeon reward chest dissapeareance when you get dc right before the boss dies

- fix the preview option in black lions chest (to actually be able to show the gear)

- fix the sort option in black lion chest to separate middle-heavy-light armor

- The whole Guild System is broken:
We need last represented time for each member
We need influence count for each member how much each one of them brought to the guild
We need a shedule, some kind of calender to organize stuff
We need a mass-guild-mail option
We need a show up the message of the day to EVERYONE in guild on login, even if they dont represent!

- why are there 3 maps which are EXACTLY the same in wvw? BORING AS HELL to complete those maps

- we cant reordner our skills on the bar, just make a drag and drop it cant be that hard to implement this!

- leave some slots for potions and food for short keys!

- change commander claiming by wvw archievements

- change EVERY archievement to be able to use as title! what about this random titles, which some of them are really worthless, let the players themself choose which title they want to wear! it would be fun to see what people are proud of

so this are the points which bothering me personally,


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Thank you for your feedback. This forum is for bug reports on specific game defects and not general feedback, however, so this thread will now be closed. You are welcome to post your feedback into separate threads in the appropriate forums (by profession, game type, etc.).