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I deposited 29 gold in the guild stash, and it appeared and disappeared in there for a while (it wasn’t the other guild leaders withdrawing it), and eventually one of them was able to withdraw it (approx. 10 mins later). He then deposited it again, and it started appearing and disappearing again. None of us were able to withdraw it and it eventually just disappeared. I contacted support to get them to help and they did nothing at all. Can I ever expect my money back?
Guild tag – NTSF
World – Aurora Glade

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We are building tools, although the issue of replacing guild items or wealth isn’t as high a priority as the ability for the team to restore individual accounts.

To be honest, the situation that is described in the OP sounds very unlike a bug, but more like someone took the gold. The “now you see it, now you don’t” really seems like someone was messing with other people, crying “It’s a bug” when in fact they were quietly setting themselves up to steal from the guild reserves. I cannot say that conclusively, and my theorizing isn’t material to the case because we cannot replace the gold in any scenario, but that was my first and second impression.

I’m closing this thread, as the questions have been answered.