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Regional FlagApplied new serial code to released account.Source
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In order to regain access to the game, I’v re-purchased Guild Wars 2 again
(From authorized retail partner),
and applied new valid code to my released account.
I got a register confirm mail from Arenanet. But still can’t access to the game.
it says still tht My account’s suspended for account issue.
I updated my old ticket(121114-002734) for this problem but it has been abandoned for 5days since I got last respond which was tht I have to re-purchase GW2.
should I get new ticket up for this?
would u check the procedure of applying new SN with released account?

Sry for my Engrish.

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We’re taking a look right now, Breeze.

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Wooohooo! I’m so glad. I’ve asked about three different agents to take a look at this. I’m glad it all sorted out for you. Welcome back to Tyria.