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My account got hacked earlier – I have all requirements for Sunrise. The hacker was not a gold seller they simply logged on and deleted all of my characters.

This was bad enough – I am absolutely fuming at this. Anet responded quickly and recovered my account then told me non of my characters or items can be recovered. This is an absolute PISS TAKE.

Ok so thats me hit badly – and that is ridiculous.

Now I make a new character and start recovering from my massives losses. Only to find out about an hour and a half later my guildies account has been hacked in the same manner. ARE YOU SERIOUS ANET? You recovered my account and let the perpetrator reoffend? Do you really not have any method of tracking who has done this?!

I am extremally angry, and i apologise for my appauling language.

BTW this hacking is STILL in progress and no response from ANET as of yet.

If you disagree with the way Anet are treating dedicated players please bump this post.

I hope you take heed of this message Anet – I love this game alot. but players wont stay around unless you sort this account hacking out or atleast implement player / item restoration.

Apologies for the rage again. Just want to make all aware of what could happen.

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We’ll have account restorations very soon, but unfortunately that doesn’t help this situation, and I’m sorry about that.

The issue with your account and your friend’s is an unhappy coincidence, and does not point to any sort of security issue with our game servers, or any sort of access to our database. I know it’s disappointing, and perhaps even hard to believe, that this can happen to you and to a friend. But consider that if this was a security breach, tens if not hundreds of thousands of reports would be coming in, not the dozens that we see a day.

Please take special care to lock up your personal security and you should be ok in the future.