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Hey all.

We’re going to bring down the res timers from 20 seconds to 15 seconds. A lot of people have posted about how they don’t like the new system, and a lot of people have posted about how they DO like the new system. So, let’s set the record straight:

We want the best system for the game, the best system for the community, and the best system for growing the game’s Esport’s potential.

So we’ll keep an eye on this. If the entire community feels that wave spawn timers are better for the game, then we’ll go back to that. However, right now, it seems that some people like it, feel that it “rewards” each kill (before, someone could die and hit the res wave timer such that they would literally be back in a few seconds) and doesn’t require players to have to memorize the clock wave respawn timings in order to be an effective killer. We’re watching the threads on this issue, so keep posting your thoughts.

TL:DR – We’re listening to you and we’ll iterate on it until we find the best solution for the game overall.