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i can’t believe how difficult this appears to be ! I’ve given up on the support system but thought i’d ask here again. I simply want to change my email address that guild wars/arenanet uses to communicate with me!!

is that so strange? i will soon no longer have access to the email address they have on record.

there seems no normal account management functions, the only option in account settings is to change password. Does anyone else think this is dumb?

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so they send me an email asking for more detail, to which i reply and i get this nonsense….

“Your recent incident update was from an email address not associated with the incident. In an effort to maintain the security of information, we cannot update the incident using this email address. "

That is not nonsense. That is security. What that means is that you submitted a ticket and attempted to update it from another log-in name (that is, using a different email address). For security purposes, we can’t have people randomly updating information from different email addresses — we need to make sure that the right person is updating his/her ticket.

So please update from the email already on record for that incident and it’ll be fine.