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You know what – I was the biggest Anet supporter for many years.

I was an evangelist for the franchise.
I praised the Developer and the game long before it launched.
I advocated its cause every time I felt necessary.
I had a strong link with the Guild Wars brand.

Anet has done a marvelous job at destroying it with the PvP they gave us.

I first started to
get angry,
then rage,
then hate
and finally I just lost hope.

Now I don’t care anymore.

I feel we were treated as stateless people suffering from lack of civil rights and sovereign protection.
We were treated as no one cared about us.

Why would we care?

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Hello everyone,

please use this already existing thread instead https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/pvp/pvp/Lost-potential.

Also, please refrain from adding misleading titles to threads. This is clearly a positive thread title for a thread made to collect negative opinions, chosen to be overly dramatic in the opening post.

For those reason, this thread is closed.